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All  our Uk fake driving licence issued by us & Vehicle Agency (DVA) are now issued in a new format – a plastic photocard and a paper counterpart. Old format style licences are still valid and will be updated gradually as they are renewed and replaced.

Upgrading your Licence to Fake ID

Once you have passed the test for a higher category vehicle, your lower category may be upgraded.

For example, and as a general rule, lorry entitlements can upgrade bus entitlements. Bus entitlements can not upgrade lorry entitlements. Both lorry and bus entitlements can upgrade car entitlements.

UK Fake  driving licence

What is a UK driving licence?

A UK  Fake driving licence enables you to drive legally on UK roads, as well as while you’re on holiday in other countries. It takes the form of a photocard, handy for keeping in your wallet. There was previously a paper counterpart but this has now been phased out. If you previously had a paper version and are applying for an update, you’ll only get a photocard back.

Although you don’t have to carry your driving licence with you at all times – as you do in several European countries – it’s a good idea to keep it handy because it’s an easy form of identification in case you need it. If you’re stopped by the police and don’t have it to hand, you’ll usually be asked to take it to a police station within seven days.

Uk Fake ID And Driver License

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