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Australian Fake Passport

Buy Australian passport online
Buy Australian Passport Online  Firstly, make sure you’re eligible for an Australian passport. The main eligibility requirement is Australian citizenship  That means you’re either born in Australia or you’ve got a certificate of Australian citizenship.

Use black pen
Use CAPITAL letters
Write inside the boxes
Ensure both your, and your guarantor/referee’s handwriting is clear and legible
If you sign before attending your passport application lodgment, make sure you sign within the designated space
A handy tip for making sure that your application is printed successfully is to check that the signature box has markings around it (so it’s easily visible) and that the triangles on the page are all the same size and shape.

More printing tips
You’re going to have to present some documents to prove your Australian citizenship. You can use either:

your birth certificate or
your certificate of citizenship.
Has your name changed since you got those? Australian Passport Online will be issued in your birth name unless you’ve officially changed it with the Australian Registry of Birth Deaths and Marriages and you’ll need the proof of that too.

You also need to present documents to prove your identity. They typically include:

your current driver license
Medicare card
Centrelink card
a credit or debit card
property rate notice or lease agreement
utility bill or bank statement.
For details check the Australian Passport Office website.

Your Identity must be the original document, no copies are accepted. Your identity also needs to display your date of birth, address and match the name shown on your application. If your Identity doesn’t show your photo, then you’ll have to complete two guarantor/referee pages, or two referees if you’re using the online application form. Buy Australian Passport Online

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